God works in our lives in mysterious ways indeed, (after all without an introduction into the world of litigation I/we would never have met you and for that I am so grateful).
Tariq - special thanks to you - and your firm - for your patience, support and understanding throughout these couple of years... and for having the trust in me.
I am so relieved - today I paid off all my debts!! I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders!

I have had some bad experiences with Solicitors in the past but must say that I have never met a firm like yours that really supports and understands their clients, and puts the client’s needs first! Thank you Tariq for everything!! I would gladly recommend your firm to anyone - friends and family!!
Mr Tariq Firdose is a highly professional lawyer, with a very strong understanding of legal matters. I found him to be exceptionally competent and extremely helpful. I worked with him a month ago and we resolved the matter before it went to court. I would recommend Tariq for all civil litigation issues.
Thank you so much Tariq, you really are on the ball.
I bow to your experience in advising us when the appropriate time is to start 'the application'. I know you are always up to speed on these matters and I will be right behind you.
Not only are you very efficient but you must be telepathic!
100% thank you Tariq.
I wish to personally thank you for assisting us today, I will be eternally thankful. Are you able to let me know how you managed it?
Just a note of sincere thanks from myself and on behalf of the wider family. In just 5 weeks you succeeded most professionally and efficiently to deal with our case leading to a fine result for us at mediation yesterday in Taunton, and an 18 hour day for you! Congratulations and thank you again.
That’s great news! Couldn’t have done it without you so thanks once again.
You really have gone above and beyond. It really means a lot to us. [Client] is lost for words. We will definitely catch up when we get back.