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Wiseman Solicitors is a friendly and professional litigation practice specialising in all areas of dispute resolution. Our practice is founded on the principle that no matter how similar, no two cases are the same. We have experienced and dedicated solicitors who will each tailor their service to your specific needs. We bring you a proficient and proactive service comparable to that of a city practice but without the high charge out rates. We are proud to say we have many trusted clients with whom we have built long-term relationships.

Taking good advice early can often resolve a dispute before it escalates. Wiseman Solicitors have an enviable track record of success and we will ensure we get you the best result achievable. We offer an early assessment of your dispute so you can make an informed commercial decision about whether to fight a case or settle on favourable terms.

Litigation can sometimes be a bit of a gamble, but with sound advice and a well thought out strategy, we at Wiseman Solicitors believe we can shift the odds in your favour. We offer clear, sensible and professional advice.

We are one of Croydon’s leading and successful litigation practices. We are also the law firm of choice for many individuals and businesses in the London area and remain their first choice should they require legal services.

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  • I am so relieved - today I paid off all my debts!! I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders!

  • Just a note of sincere thanks from myself and on behalf of the wider family. In just 5 weeks you succeeded most professionally and efficiently to deal with our case leading to a fine result for us at mediation yesterday in Taunton, and an 18 hour day for you! Congratulations and thank you again.
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Case Studies

  • International multi-million dollar commercial arbitration involving breach of a term in a distribution agreement....

  • A multimillion pound case arising from a dispute for the design and construction of a 45 ton tug entered into with a...